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The first website made by the owner of Webmasters.com.pl was designed in the "Pajączek" program. Subsequent pages were published based on HTML 5.0. The whole adventure with building websites is a lucky accident. Marek Patryk Brański started to be interested in websites as soon as the Internet was created. He was always curious about how they are built and he would dream of designing websites in this way. When he was in high school at his friend's internet cafe in Legionowo, he was standing behind  one of the computers of his friend's dad from high school, who was updating the website of his car repair shop by himself. He was standing close behind his back frozen in and thought, wow! What a cool thing to update your website like this, private online journalism. After this event, he was sure from an internet cafe that it would be his great life passion. Then his best friend started to motivate him strongly and encourage him to develop his passion for creating websites, and so the first skills and websites for friends and family appeared, and then he developed a passion for building websites for first customers and for his first company BLUMARK.


At Webmasters.com.pl, we are focused on designing transparent websites in the short term. We work with Webwavecms and it is on the basis of their creator that we create websites for our clients. Webmasters.com.pl provides comprehensive customer service: graphic design of the website, choice of template or own original website design, the ability to print full polygraphy in the color of the website: catalogs, business cards, letterheads, leaflets, etc. It's hard to believe, but websites for ours We design clients within 1 to 11 days, more advanced projects take more time and are more expensive.


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+48 784 143 308

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WEBMASTERS Marek Brański

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